Episode 7 - Forgiveness: The Ultimate Gift of a Loving Creator by The Inner Champion (2024)

Episode 9 - Your True Memory of LoveAs Forgiveness frees you from the past, your true memory of Love will rise within you, and your desire to use its power for yourself and for your world will be irresistible.Dec 29, 202106:59Episode 8 - “I Want to Know What Love Is”The power of true forgiveness lies in its simplicity. It gives you everything for your willingness to give up the nothingness you believed was real in the dream you made.Dec 28, 202111:12Episode 7 - Forgiveness: The Ultimate Gift of a Loving CreatorIn this episode we’ll share a powerful meditation that will help you understand why true Forgiveness is the ultimate gift of a Loving Creator.Dec 27, 202112:26Episode 6 - Opening Your Heart to Your Deserving to be Loved and LovingAs Forgiveness opens your heart, you’ll begin to realize you do deserve to be loved and to be loving. Today we’ll discuss what his means for the depth and breadth of your happiness.Dec 26, 202106:24Episode 5 - Accepting the Power of LoveOnce you turn inward and begin to accept the presence and guidance of your inner champion, it will act quickly to awaken you to Love and its power in your life.Dec 25, 202109:14Episode 4 - Witnessing the Evidence of Your Return to LoveAs you turn around and consciously let the inner champion begin to guide you back to Love, you will start to see the evidence of this decision reflected in your life.Dec 24, 202108:31Episode 3 - The Force IS Within You!Forgiveness is the most powerful force we have to create peace, safety and enduring happiness. Today we’ll discuss cooperating with the inner champion so that you can know this Force is within you.Dec 23, 202107:39Episode 2 - Awakening to Your True SelfIn this segment we’ll begin to look at how and why we believe so deeply in an image of ourselves that is not the self we were created to be and why we suffer because of it.Dec 22, 202108:38Episode 1 - Forgiveness: the Golden Door to FreedomWelcome to season three of The Inner Champion! This season we’re going to help you open the door to your dreams by discovering the true power of Forgiveness.Dec 21, 202144:26Episode 12 - A Christmas Message of HopeToday let your Inner Champion bring you the greatest gift you can ever receive. Let it give you the gift of true Forgiveness, so that you may know that nothing you have ever done can alter your worth in any way.Dec 25, 202007:28Episode 11 - A Christmas MiracleThis is a special episode for Christmas Eve! But whatever date you’re listening to today’s episode, you’ll enjoy this story of a miraculous gift from my Inner Champion one snowy Christmas Eve.Dec 24, 202008:09Episode 10 - The natural power of the present momentWe’re so accustomed to living according to our past beliefs, we ignore the natural freedom we have in the present. Today we’ll discuss our freedom to experience our birthright to happiness right now.Dec 23, 202004:09Episode 9 - The joy of feeling the expansion of your LoveToday I’ll share a delightful exercise you can use to demonstrate the reality of your energy field.Dec 22, 202006:52Episode 8 - You are deeply and completely lovedIn this episode, we’ll discuss the relationship between accepting your deserving to be loved and to be loving and owning your personal power.Dec 21, 202005:43Episode 7 - The Promise of Peace: Your true DominionWhen we finally accept our creative power, we’ll truly experience our birthright to peace.Dec 20, 202006:51Episode 6 - The power of focusing on LoveIt’s easy to let yourself focus on the noise that seems to surround you, until you see the miraculous transformation that occurs when you focus on the reality of Love.Dec 19, 202005:08Episode 5 - Here’s the story of an unforgettable demonstration of the power of beliefIn this episode I share the story of an unforgettable demonstration of the power of belief in my own life, as my Inner Champion intervened to bring me a miraculous gift that would change the course of my life and my work.Dec 18, 202006:47Episode 4 - Heart centered awarenessToday we’ll discuss how to avoid giving your power to the distractions you perceive in your life and in the world!Dec 17, 202004:46Episode 3 - As you open your heart, you align yourself with your true powerAt this moment in time, when we deeply desire t return to our partnership with the Inner Champion, we’ll discover that opening our hearts will help us remember and trust the unfailing support of this relationship. Dec 16, 202005:06Episode 2 - Expanding your expectations for a wonderful new lifeIn this episode we’ll discuss how to expand your expectations about what is possible in a life filled with unconditional Love. As you stretch your expectations for the limitlessness of Love, you’ll see your life change in miraculous ways.Dec 15, 202006:25Episode 1 - Let your Inner Champion bring you the gift of Peace this seasonThis is a special podcast for the Holidays! For the next twelve days, we’ll help you enjoy this season, by learning to step aside and let your Inner Champion create the peace and safety that are your birthright .Dec 14, 202006:02Episode 50. Day 49 - Final Episode: Manifesting Your Birthright to Peace, Happiness and Miracles You can learn to stop slaying the dragons you’ve been creating. Let the Inner Champion make them vanish, restoring your true power in your life and in your world!Oct 17, 202010:28Episode 49. Day 48 - Forgiveness and the End of PunishmentIn this episode we discuss how you can learn to let the Inner Champion free you from the punishments you have heaped upon yourself, because of your perceived deficits.Oct 16, 202004:08Episode 48. Day47 - Experiencing the Peace of Your Future Self NowWe think memories hold only our past experience. But because time is a convention, we have memories of our future too. We can use the wisdom of our future self to help us with our present challenges.Oct 15, 202005:19Episode 47. Day 46 - Extending Peace and Safety into Your WorldYour personal reality in this world comes from your partnership with the Inner Champion. This includes all of your experience. In this episode we’ll talk about what this means for your role in bringing peace and safety into the world.Oct 14, 202007:01Episode 46. Day 45 - Peace and Safety: The Guarantee of LoveAccepting true Forgiveness brings miracles into your life, as the Inner Champion clears away the unworthiness that keeps you from receiving Love.Oct 13, 202005:36Episode 45. Day 44 - Forgiveness and the Inevitability of MiraclesForgiveness is the key to accepting our innocence and knowing we deserve to be loved. But our understanding of forgiveness is based on the belief that we are sinful and can change our perfect nature. Today we’ll describe true Forgiveness and learn how the Inner Champion uses it to return us to the truth of our unalterable innocence.Oct 12, 202006:04Episode 44. Day 43 - Pausing to Invite and Expect Miraculous AnswersYou have the right to fulfill your dreams for your life and your world. As you become more confident that is true, you’ll realize that miracles are natural and essential for this fulfillment.Oct 11, 202008:17Episode 43. Day 42 - The Natural, Miraculous Force of Your EnergyWe often believe that miracles are unusual events, beyond our ‘normal’ experience. But the Inner Champion will show you that what we term ‘miracles’ are simply the natural expression of Love.Oct 10, 202006:19Episode 42. Day 41 - Reversing the Deeply Held Belief in PowerlessnessYou may not realize it, but the strain of refusing Love and its power is exhausting, because it’s the constant refusal to accept your true identity.Oct 09, 202005:37Episode 41. Day 40 - Accepting the Power of LoveOur negative ego wants us to believe we’re not powerful and we need to control everything around us to insure our safety. Your Inner Champion will show you that Love IS power and its limitlessness is the guarantee of your peace and safety.Oct 08, 202005:53Episode 40. Day 39 - Letting the Inner Champion Restore Your Peace of MindThe peace of mind you deeply desire is your birthright. This means peace in ALL areas of your life! It is the peace that reflects the limitlessness of Love.Oct 07, 202006:13Episode 39. Day 38 - Metamorphosis: Your Transformation to a New FormWhat will it be like when you finally accept your true identity? In this episode, we’ll talk about the happiness that awaits you when you let the Inner Champion gently help you cast off the limitations of the past and experience the joyous freedom of your true Self.Oct 06, 202006:01Episode 38. Day 37 - Lucid Dreaming and the Experience of CreativityToday I’ll share my unforgettable experience with lucid dreaming, a gift from the Inner Champion to demonstrate the creative authority available to each of us.Oct 05, 202010:03Episode 37. Day 36 - Joining Forces with Time and SpaceAs you truly understand the power available to you in the present, you can learn to use it to release your fears that there are limits to the Inner Champion’s ability to manifest all everything you need.Oct 04, 202006:07Episode 36. Day 35 - Self-Pity and the Refusal of LoveThis is such a challenging period in our personal histories! But remember that, especially when you feel overwhelmed by what feels like insurmountable difficulties, you still have the power to choose the strength of the Inner Champion and let you feel the power of Love.Oct 03, 202005:32Episode 35. Day 34 - If You Become Discouraged About Your Growth It’s natural to feel frustrated if it seems you’re blocked on your journey back to your true Self. In this episode we’ll talk about the response of the Inner Champion to help you know your return to Love is your birthright.Oct 02, 202005:25Episode 34. Day 33 - Learning There Is No Price to Exact for JoyToday we’ll talk about how to stop your ego from trying to punish you because you’re bringing more happiness into your life!Oct 01, 202005:06Episode 33. Day 32 - Manifesting Wealth: Your Right to ProsperityBecause we give so much weight and power to money, it’s often one of the most difficult areas to believe the Inner Champion can change. Here’s one of my favorite stories about the Inner Champion’s manifestation of wealth just when it was needed!Sep 30, 202009:37Episode 32. Day 31 - How Emotional Attachments Block Creative EaseWhen we believe some things we want will be more difficult to create, we limit our creative freedom. This episode will help you understand that, to your Inner Champion, there are no differences in its power to make any changes you desire.Sep 29, 202005:20Episode 31. Day 30 - Opening Yourself to the Guidance of the Inner ChampionHere’s a powerful demonstration of the Inner Champion’s response to the need for enhanced performance, from the world of sports.Sep 28, 202005:15Episode 30. Day 29 - Consciously Choosing Your Present InnocenceWhat does it mean to live in the present? It means that each moment you can choose to remember the power that’s available to you because you are already healed.Sep 27, 202005:00Episode 29. Day 28 - The Healing You Long for Has Already OccurredAs astonishing as it may sound to your ego, the Inner Champion will help you truly know you already are and have always been the powerful Self you were created by Love.Sep 26, 202006:06Episode 28. Day 27 - The Vow of Your Inner Champion to Bring You HomeWhen you dream, you can turn away from the noise of the world and let the Inner Champion bring you dreams that help you remember your home in the reality of Love.Sep 25, 202007:10Episode 27. Day 26 - Exchanging the Self You Made for Your Real SelfIn this episode I share a powerful example of my Inner Champion’s amazing intervention to help me remember my true identity.Sep 24, 202010:35Episode 26. Day 25 - Demanding Your Birthright. You Deserve to be LovedIn this episode, learn what to do when old feelings of ‘not deserving’ seem to threaten your determination to reclaim your right to happiness.Sep 23, 202007:15Episode 25. Day 24 - Expanding Your Set Point for HappinessIn today’s episode, learn how to end the deeply held belief that we have to pay a price for joy and bring much greater happiness into your life!Sep 22, 202007:09Episode 24. Day 23 - Witnessing the Impact of Your Loving EnergyAs you learn to trust the Inner Champion, it will increasingly show you its presence and the result of honoring the Love within you.Sep 21, 202010:01Episode 23. Day 22 - Forgiveness: The Power of Your InnocenceHow can we really let Love transform our lives when we still aren’t sure we truly deserve to be loved? This is the job of the Inner Champion and its use of true forgiveness. The Inner Champion will show us that nothing we’ve ever done can alter our worth.Sep 20, 202005:18Episode 22. Day 21 - Giving Complex Problems to Your Inner ChampionIt’s exactly at those times when we are facing so many problems that seem to have no solutions, that we can learn to go within and let the Inner Champion show us the limitless solutions of Love.Sep 19, 202006:11
Episode 7 - Forgiveness: The Ultimate Gift of a Loving Creator by The Inner Champion (2024)


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