SAP ERP Sales and Distribution team lead at Sanofi (2024)

Job title:SAP ERP Sales and Distribution team lead

About the job

At Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, we have one shared mission – we work passionately, every day, to ‘serve healthier, fuller lives’ now and for the generations to come.

In order to do so, we strive to act as a force for good by integrating sustainability along our business and employees’ mission and operate responsibly from both a social and environmental point of view.

Everything we do is centered around people’s interests – our consumers, our customers, healthcare professionals, and our employees – across the world.

We are building loved brands that serve 1bn consumers worldwide, through our key platforms: Allergy, Physical & Mental Wellness, Pain, Digestive Wellness and Cough, Cold & Flu.

We aspire to become the best Fast Moving Consumer Health (FMCH) company In & For the world and we aim to build a work environment where people can thrive, grow, enjoy and be at their best.

Our Team:

This role sits within the ERP and Corporate Functions team at Consumer Healthcare (CHC) Digital. We are a dynamic team passionate about accompanying Sanofi CHC through its most exciting and challenging journey as it seeks to become a fully carved in P&L within Sanofi.

We are a team composed of professionals that come from different backgrounds, both internal and external to Sanofi. We believe in our team’s mission, accountability, a team spirit supportive of each other and a profound respect for diversity.

We are seeking to construct a best-in-class digital organisation, where the ERP will be a solid and adaptive backbone of our systems and our supporting functions applications. Our innovative technology solutions give our business the (digital) wings to fly every day! Interested to know more? Contact us!

We are currently looking for an SAP Team Leader & Senior Expert in the field of Sales and Distribution, particularly focused on the following areas:

  • Customer order entry
  • Order confirmation
  • Availability check (ATP – Available to promise)
  • Pricing and Condition Contract management
  • Logistics execution: Delivery processing, shipping, transportation management
  • Customs management (exports)
  • Customer invoice processing

Their purpose is to provide our Consumer Healthcare Business with the most fit and easy to use solutions to operate their processes in an efficient and sustainable way.

Main responsibilities:

  • Lead and mentor a team of SAP professionals, ensuring high performance and effective collaboration.
  • Provide expert guidance on SAP SD implementations, configurations, and customizations to optimize business processes.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into SAP SD.
  • Contribute to end-to-end project delivery, from requirements gathering to post-implementation support.
  • Contribute to architecture design reviews.
  • Develop a good understanding of Sanofi business processes and strategy through collaboration and regular engagement with key users and process owners.
  • Document systems and process requirements through meetings, workshops, site visits, and job shadowing.
  • Collaborate with the development team to develop, configure, and implement the solution as per the product development standards to meet business requirements.
  • Support development team with resolution of blocking issues and interdependencies and provide them architecture and design guidance.
  • Collaborate with architects and business analysts to ensure end-to-end process integration and consistency, ensuring coverage of operational, statutory, and legal requirements.
  • Business continuity comes first: in the event of a crippling incident stopping business operations, able to manage the resolution as highest level of support within the company in their field, reinforcing applicative maintenance teams.

About you


  • 6+ years of hands-on experience in an ERP Project delivery context, preferably within the FMCG industry in a global company.
  • Proven leadership skills, with the ability to inspire and guide a team to achieve ambitious objectives.
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Solid configuration experience, ability to determine when to use configuration vs. code as well as good troubleshooting skills
  • Able to work on complex problems under pressure and deadlines
  • Experience with multi-geography, multi-tier service design and management.
  • Good understanding of Application and technology Architecture.
  • SAP Certification in Sales & Distribution is preferred.
  • Knowledge of SAP S/4 HANA is a plus
  • Knowledge of agile ways of working is a plus
  • Soft skills:
  • Strong appetite to learn and discover
  • Adaptable and open to change
  • Company-first mindset: able to put the interests of the company before their own
  • Excellent analytical skills and problem-solving skills to address complex business challenges: able to frame and formalize problem statements and formulate good solution proposals clearly and concisely
  • Autonomous and Results-driven
  • Role model our 4 values: teamwork, integrity, respect, courage
  • Education: Master’s Degree or equivalent in Information Technology or Engineering
  • Languages: Strong written & verbal communication in English.

Pursue progress, discover extraordinary

Better is out there. Better medications, better outcomes, better science. But progress doesn’t happen without people – people from different backgrounds, in different locations, doing different roles, all united by one thing: a desire to make miracles happen. So, let’s be those people.

At Sanofi, we provide equal opportunities to all regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or gender identity.

Watch our ALL IN video and check out our Diversity Equity and Inclusion actions at

SAP ERP Sales and Distribution team lead at Sanofi (2024)


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